You might find that recruiting top talent has become more competitive than before. Therefore posting solid jobs is important to bring the candidate a step closer to becoming an applicant.

How to Write Effective Job Postings

Some of these pointers will guide you in making concise posts to attract relevant and quality candidates!

1. Outstanding job title

This is the most important part of your job posting when you post a job. When you write a title, include the name of the position and top benefits that will make the job interesting for applicants.

2. Company Story

Information about your company that applicants want to know is very important. How many years have you been in business, how long the employee has survived (this shows that people remain with you), interesting clients or projects, equipment that will make passionate applicants, awards, and work culture facts that will interest them.

3. Responsibilities and requirements

Understand the basics of each job, so that it can accurately capture the roles of responsibilities and requirements. Describe in detail about the tasks and responsibilities, but don't beat around the bush. Basically applicants who meet the criteria will understand the tasks and responsibilities that are needed, even in a simple description.

4. Required qualifications and skills

Be sure to share what you expect from ideal candidates with clear requirements. The clearer you are, the more likely you are to attract the candidate you are looking for - this is very important for the technical role.

5. Work location

The exact work location is an important thing that will be considered by applicants. Applicants will calculate the risk of the trip to where they work. There will always be applicants who ask the exact location where they will be placed to work.

6. Why do they have to apply

Benefits are important points that must be informed to applicants. Each applicant will consider every advantage they will get. This will also be a reasonable consideration whether or not they get the job. Explain the benefits briefly but competitively, because not only your company is looking for employees.

7. Easy Apply

Believe us, no one wants anything complicated, including applying for a job. Make the application process as simple as possible. Potential applicants will not spend their time just to fill out application forms that seem complicated. Believe us, they have prepared everything needed.

Employees are company assets, getting the right employees is the dream of every company. We hope the tips above can help you get valuable assets for the company's progress.


last updated on: November 30, 2020

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